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Noun1.purchase agreement - a contract stating the terms of a purchasepurchase agreement - a contract stating the terms of a purchase
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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While there are undoubtedly examples of over-zealous buyers giving in to a seller's draft agreement simply to win the deal, purchase agreements still tend to contain many of the provisions that buyers typically seek: comprehensive representations and warranties, purchase price adjustments and indemnification rights--sellers are not walking away with premium prices without standing behind their businesses.
Once potential liabilities and similar issues are identified, the purchaser must ensure that the purchase agreements are drafted to insulate the purchaser from these liabilities.
4 billion in annual costs from the business, we have restructured our fleet and entered into new aircraft purchase agreements, and we have significantly strengthened our balance sheet.
The purchase agreements will unconditionally obligate each supplier to provide a defined, 15-year supply of natural gas to Main Street, beginning in February 2007, in exchange for a prepayment amount to be received by each supplier at bond closing.
AMEX:ILI) reported today that it has signed two new Purchase Agreements for genetic tests with Access Business Group International LLC, a subsidiary of Alticor Inc.
have agreed to purchase substantially all of the assets, pursuant to separate asset purchase agreements.
LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Board of Commissioners today approved two long-term purchase agreements to buy 81,843 megawatt-hours of renewable energy -- enough to provide power for nearly 10,000 homes -- generated by facilities that use landfill gas-to-energy technology.
With respect to the purchase agreements between the Company and each of CEV and CE only, the Company, through its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiaries, would assume certain obligations for borrowed money and capital lease obligations of CE and CEV combined in the approximate aggregate amount of $9,000,000 plus trade accruals and trade payables of CE and CEV combined.
The agreement of the Ejido was further required to privatize the land and transfer title after purchase agreements are in place.
the "Company") (OTCBB:BDNT) announces that the Company has entered into share purchase agreements with each of the shareholders of Lincoln Gold Corp.
In addition, each such individual entered into an agreement releasing FIC and FICFS from all obligations under his five-year employment contract with FICFS and from any claims he may have under the May 2003 purchase agreements under which FIC originally acquired the New Era companies (including any claims to the 155,597 restricted shares of FIC common stock held in escrow under those agreements).
NASDAQ: SVVS), a global network services provider, announced today that its Board of Directors granted approval under Section 203 of Delaware General Corporation Law to the transactions contemplated by the Option and Securities Purchase Agreements previously entered into in May 2001.