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Risk purchasing groups allow groups of unrelated insureds in the same industry to band together to get the advantages of group insurance when buying liability insurance.
company that manages 15 government purchasing groups nationwide through its e-procurement solution formulated and powered MITN Purchasing Group.
The study, which included surveys from 5,000 consumers, found that two specific purchasing groups make up 46 percent of natural/organic product sales--those that believe in the benefits of natural/organic products, and environmentalists, whose choices support their passion for the environment.
For example, we have seen liability insurance offered to camps through risk purchasing groups with limits of liability for sexual abuse and molestation as low as $25,000.
For example, would smaller facilities be well advised to join together in purchasing groups to achieve better rates?
This series of investigative articles examines the seamy world of purchasing groups that buy medical products for hospitals, and the suspiciously close ties between these groups and certain pharmaceutical companies.
Although purchasing groups are not technically self-insurance, they seek to accomplish the same goals as self-insurance programs by increasing the availability of insurance and reducing costs to a reasonable level.
Watch the congressional debate to determine whether participation in health care purchasing groups will be required for some employers based on the size of their work forces.
It aims to make health care more affordable for small business owners by allowing self-employed individuals to deduct the full cost of the health insurance; enabling small businesses to form health insurance purchasing groups to reduce administrative and medical costs; and expanding Medicare benefits to cover a number of preventive care services.
Last, the center would establish insurance programs and risk retention or purchasing groups to reduce costs and increase insurance availability.

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