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Noun1.Purkinje - Bohemian physiologist remembered for his discovery of Purkinje cells and the Purkinje network (1787-1869)Purkinje - Bohemian physiologist remembered for his discovery of Purkinje cells and the Purkinje network (1787-1869)
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5-hmCs represent approximately 5% of all cytosines in embryonic stem cells (4), and 20% of all CpGs present in cerebellar Purkinje cells in mammals (5).
Neuronal changes consist of nuclear pyknosis and enhanced cytoplasmic eosinophilia, which are most readily seen in the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum (Figure 7, B), the Purkinje cells, Ammons horn of the hippocampus, and the nuclei of the pons and midbrain.
Ademas esta isoforma se expreso transitoriamente en las celulas de Purkinje en desarrollo, pero no en las maduras.
reported a fatal case of toxic encephalopathy due Bismuth toxicity with autopsy findings of non-specific axonal lesions including a widespread loss of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum.
These included abnormal cell connections (synapses) and high rates of cell death in an important class of neurons called Purkinje cells.
We also assessed mitochondrial structure among subpopulations localized within the soman and processes of Purkinje, granular, and glial cells.
Be aware that LPVs (Miras) at maximum and SRs tend to be red, and take care to minimise the Purkinje effect.
Initially, the first method was performed by a commercialized iris camera that measured the existence of specular reflections (1st Purkinje images).
Aaron Forster of E Numbers, left, and Lindsay Robinson and Jon Haines, of Purkinje SHOWSTOPPERS From left, Queen Anne's Revenge, Victoria Dormand, and Mathew Brown, from Benton Primary School's E Numbers at the concert.
The disease was confirmed when immunohistochemistry demonstrated preservation of Purkinje cells, and in situ PCR revealed selective depletion of cerebellar granule cells and JCV infection of granule cell neurons.