Purkinje's cells

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Pur´kin`je's cells`

1.(Anat.) Large ganglion cells forming a layer near the surface of the cerebellum.
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3] Adverse effects in experimental animals have included a loss of Purkinje's cells, edema of Bergmann's glial cell layer, and degenerative cell changes.
The evidence for cerebellar damage is supported by two experimental findings: (1) the increase in the postsynaptic potentials produced by gamma aminobutyric acid in the vestibulooculomotor system and (2) the increase in the rate of Purkinje's cell discharge at the cerebellar flocculus.
In man, aging has been shown to be associated with a significant loss of hair cells in the vestibular sensors, [34] a decrease of primary vestibular neurons, [35] a diminution in the neuronal cell density of the cerebral cortex, and a decrease in the number of Purkinje's cells in the cerebellum.