Purple bird

(Zool.) the European purple gallinule. See under Gallinule.

See also: Purple

References in classic literature ?
But every little while, as it pecked at the bark of the tree, the purple bird bethought itself of some secret sorrow, and repeated its plaintive note of "Peep, peep, pe--weep
They could not help suspecting that the purple bird must be aware of something mischievous that would befall them at the palace, and the knowledge of which affected its airy spirit with a human sympathy and sorrow.
The words were hardly out of his mouth, before the purple bird flew away, crying, "Peep, peep, pe--weep," more dolorously than ever.
It happened to Ulysses, just as before, that, when he had gone a few steps from the edge of the cliff, the purple bird came fluttering towards him, crying, "Peep, peep, pe--weep
It was the purple bird, who, all this while, had been sitting over their heads, watching what was going forward, and hoping that Ulysses would remember how he had done his utmost to keep him and his followers out of harm's way.
The boy has a strange purple bird on his shoulder and each child carries a marker pen, one red the other purple.
Emblazoned with a purple bird design that could have graced a concept album cover, it proved you were part of a family that went places.
A multi-sensory project loaded with fun and fabulous color illustrations of quirky characters, "The Secret Forest" and "Princess Keira's Birthday: Adventure #1" promises to entrance, entertain, beguile, and teach children of all ages with an exciting adventure story about the Royal Family, the Blue Witch Queen, the Castle of Light, and Merlin the Black Cat and Marty the purple bird.
I love this purple bird print style from Wellieboots (www.
A spot of sidewalk, 7 by 20 feet, is rented by paying for an hour's time on the parking meter, then covered with portable grass and sod, revamped into a small oasis with bright green grass and a purple bird feeder.
This purple bird is dumb an' lazy, And his chirp'll drive one crazy.