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Noun1.purple passage - a passage full of ornate and flowery language
passage - a section of text; particularly a section of medium length
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Though some critics took issue with Handler's narrator's sometimes purple prose and unnecessary framework and others didn't know what to make of his comments about racism, all agreed that Handler "has a keen sense for the greatest injustice of adolescence: the twinned feelings of infinite capability and complete impotence" (Kansas City Star).
e Hampshire-born Siegal is accustomed to high praise because all but one of his 10 albums to date has won him purple prose from critics near and far.
Purple prose abuts scientific observation, interspersed with drawings, diagrams, and photographs.
To some readers, this might be a blip on the screen; others might find this purple prose seriously detrimental to the reading of the novel.
I am reading this magazine and there is this article about childhood memories and six people have written these ghastly, flowery pieces about sunsets and walks in the park and gamboling in rose gardens and treks to some flipping hill station and babbling brooks and the shade of old banyan trees and their first little pet called Rover and loving relatives and even more loving cousins and the one who has written about the most purple prose you can imagine (my childhood days were spun from gossamer thread, each skein a personal memory, precious and as special as the dew kissed tulips in the garden where the fountain tinkled its own symphony and we sat around the pond where goldfish played tag and recited poetry) has won first prize of a free air trip for two.
The annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest rewards mangled metaphors, purple prose and cliches.
Once I even translated some portions of Nair's column to give my non-Malayali readers a taste of his purple prose.
Do not dismiss the purple prose or staged pictures out-of-hand.
It's no piece of purple prose, for sure, but it comes across as an honest, straight from the heart account of Mary's rise to the dizzying heights of five boxing World Championship titles and a bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012.
They seemed almost to enjoy it when an atrocity allowed them to indulge in purple prose about the hell-born wickedness of the "other side".
So, whether you want to cover a whole wall with purple prose or just stick a postcard that makes you laugh to your fridge, there are loads of ways that you can let your home do the talking.
In a burst of deathless and purple prose England coach Stuart Lancaster summed up his tactical acumen with: "We'll have to roll up our sleeves now to beat South Africa.