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n.1.(Zool.) Any species of oceanic Siphonophora belonging to the genus Velella.
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When Caeser was murdered in 44BC, Cleopatra went to meet the new ruler, Mark Anthony, with silver oars, purple sails and Nereid handmaids, with her erotes fanning her.
A huge, swan-shaped, white boat with purple sails and a flag with an inscription in French, "Mon plaisir.
And in the first century BC, the extravagant queen Cleopatra decked out her palace in purple porphyry with matching cloth and would travel with her entourage on a boat with purple sails.
Cleopatra seduced Julius Caesar by arriving to meet him on a barge with purple sails scented with cedarwood, and propelled by silver oars, she meanwhile reclined under a gold-embroidered awning dressed as Aphrodite, goddess of love.