Purple shell

See Ianthina.

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I witnessed one security guard apprehend a young man in a purple shell suit and weighed down by gold chains who was attempting to steal bread.
Cast the very thought into one of those massive metal bins outside the school canteen of your mind, chuck it in along with other such '90s phenomena as Pogs, purple shell suits and the unstoppable rise of 2 Unlimited.
So the white shell can overcome the purple shell in the ocean and maybe that's what our ancestors believed.
In addition, 60 scallops with unambiguously bright-orange or brownish purple shell color were selected randomly from a seafood market for segregation analysis of the putative color-linked marker.
Having seen the volunteers' yellow and purple shell suits en masse I can confirm they are as stylish as the outfits I used to favour on caravan holidays in the '80s.
Give them a pair of designer jeans, an anorak with attitude or even a purple shell suit and the sands of certainty begin to shift beneath their feet, as does the foundation of their wit.
Sexual maturation, spawning, and deposition of the egg capsules of the female purple shell, Rapana venosa (Gastropoda: Muricidae).
I mean, the purple shell suit on a young, fit body wouldn't have looked so bad.
Inheritance of the banded purple shell type in the short neck clam Ruditapes philippinarum, and related selection experiments.
Kelsey presents students, academics, and researchers with an investigation of the ways in which Eastern Woodlands tribeAEs strings and belts of small white and purple shells, traditionally used to depict significant events in the lives of tribal people, are being reinterpreted into contemporary Haudenosaunee tradition.
Remarkably the deep purple shells - a shade resembling the dark-skinned Shiraz grape grown primarily for producing powerful red wines - contain regular-looking green peas inside and can be eaten like any ordinary mange-tout.