n.1.One who brings forward or proposes anything; a proposer.
2.One who forms a purpose; one who intends.
References in classic literature ?
A seer, a purposer, a creator, a future itself, and a bridge to the future --and alas
Tenders are invited for Supply of Various Uniform Items Boot Ankle Leather for general purposer made of zug grained full leather chrome with molded sole DMS with laces size 7,8 and 9 only in equal proportion conforming to IS no: 7535/1974, Black, Brown etc.
c The charities arer not house clearancer agencies and if theye arer to be helped with donations, whether it is in goods, volunteers' r time or cash, it needs to be useful to that charity to ensurer its purposer is fulfilled.
He said that when he firstr joined Today ha e was told: "The T purposer of the Todaya pro-r gramme r is to prove r tothe nation that if you listened l tothe Today Pa rogramme r you didn't' need to read a newspaper.