n.1.(Zool.) The dunlin.
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Hathern with goals from Jake Purre and Chris Walker but dug in and levelled it up with goals from Matt Unwin and Kris Pratchett before Matt Unwin secured the points pouncing on a rebound from a penalty.
Karen and Purre, 3660 points; Kenny Dornfeld and Maryann Karl, 3275 points; John Nelson and Loren Stuvick, 3170 points; and booby prize to Joan Parkins and Carlos Castellon, 1180 points.
They include Jupiter and the Ass, Man and Weasel, The Drunken Husband, Platypus, Walrus, The Tarcic, The Wimbrel, The Purre, The Anthus Ricardi, Two dogs, The Moon and the Stile, Dog with Worms and Dog and Moon.
Although certain regulatory requirements remained (notably free local calling and equivalent pricing between rural and urban consumers), generic competition law became the principal regulatory framework for the telecommunications sector (see Howell, 2007; Mosby and Purre, 2010; Given, 2010).
Plantas silvestres alimenticias de uso tradicional en las comunidades de Pacurita, San Jose de Purre y Guayabal, municipio de Quibdo, Choco.
ader 'plough', aer 'oar', armas 'beloved', eit 'old woman', hame 'shirt', haud 'grave', holm 'flap, lappet', juus 'hair', juust 'cheese', kade 'envious', kalju 'rock', kallas 'shore, bank', kana 'hen', kangas 'cloth', katel 'kettle', kaunis 'beautiful', kaup 'goods', kell 'bell', king 'shoe', kuningas 'king', kai-(ma) 'to walk', laev 'boat', lama-(ma) 'to lie', lammas 'sheep', leib 'bread', luna 'ransom', muld 'earth, soil', mord 'weel', mook 'sword', nael 'nail', nahk 'skin', narmas 'thread, thrum', noel 'needle', paik 'place', parras 'board', pind 'surface', puri 'sail', purre 'footbridge', pold 'field', rada 'path', raha 'money', rasv 'fat', rooste 'rust', sadul 'sattle', sama 'same', suur 'big', tarvis 'needed', tina 'tin', tuba 'room', umbes 'about', vaev 'trouble', varas 'thief'.
Routine tasks, such as baking bread or the simple act of opening a tin of tomato purre, are replete with unspoken import.
That added protection might take shape as a tiny piece of "edible film," made from a purre of spinach itself.
Derivado de purre, voz de probable origen huetar que designa un arbusto (Conostegia lanceolata).
For the pear sorbet: In a food professor, combine all the ingredients and purre until smooth.
Puree 2 to 3 cups of the bean-vegetable mixture in the blender with enough water to make a smooth purre.
Hathern travelled the short distance to take on Shepshed United, a Charlie Dunkin hat trick and a brace for River Hardy ensured the points go to the home side with Jake Purre scoring Hathern's consolation.