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n. Hinduism
The primeval man, considered to be the soul of the universe, which was created out of his body.

[Sanskrit Puruṣaḥ, from puruṣaḥ, man.]
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The roots of what we refer to as the caste system today, Hinduism's chaturvarna or four varnas, can be traced to Purusha Sukta, "The Hymn of Man.
To enable this food offering, Purusha Narayana Per Eri, a large
1 The Purusha Sukta hymn contains 16 verses, which seem to contradict the monistic philosophy of the Rig Veda.
In the Purusha there is an inmost mental, an inmost vital and an inmost physical, and at the very core, the psychic being or soul.
According to Samakhya, one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, Purusha causes Prakriti to evolve into various constituents, which will ultimately be reintegrated into Purusa at the termination of each cycle.
Anthropological horizons touch our inner sense of freedom and destiny, which is realized in Atman-Brahman, the Christ, Purusha, or symbols of justice and the perfect society.
Work Threats (SWOT) dark) until within such analysis for appraisal illuminated by purusha boundaries.
According to the Samkhya system, the two eternal principles of creation are Purusha, or pure consciousness, and Prakruti, or matter.
The Samkhya sees prakriti (the female) as evolving for the sake of purusha (the male).
Creation of the universe is discussed from the standpoint of the Big Bang, the vacuum, the Empyrean (abode of the gods) in Dante's Divine Comedy, the Purusha of the Hindus, and the Egyptian goddess Nun, also called "unlimited space," who was before space and time.