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 (pyo͞o′zē), Edward Bouverie 1800-1882.
British theologian who led the Oxford Movement after John Henry Newman's conversion to Roman Catholicism (1845).


(Biography) Edward Bouverie (ˈbuːvərɪ). 1800–82, British ecclesiastic; a leader with Keble and Newman of the Oxford Movement


(ˈpyu zi)

Edward Bouverie, 1800–82, English clergyman.
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Noun1.Pusey - English theologian who (with John Henry Newman and John Keble) founded the Oxford movement (1800-1882)Pusey - English theologian who (with John Henry Newman and John Keble) founded the Oxford movement (1800-1882)
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1] Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), champion of the orthodoxy of revealed religion, defender of the Oxford movement, and Regius professor of Hebrew and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford.
You've heard of the Pusey horn, which King Canute gave to the Puseys of that day, and which the gallant old squire, lately gone to his rest (whom Berkshire freeholders turned out of last Parliament, to their eternal disgrace, for voting according to his conscience), used to bring out on high days, holidays, and bonfire nights.
Education award: New Directions College, Milton Brown, Andre Lawson, Diane Hall, Laura Pusey and Bestrain (Serena Johnson).
Derek Pusey, Leonard Walters and Clive Williams from Cardigan RNLI won the Bravery Award for showing remarkable courageous behaviour as they helped in a dramatic night-time rescue near Tresaith in Cardigan in September 2013.
Centrica plc is pleased to announce that Steve Pusey is to be appointed a Non-Executive Director of the Company, effective from 1 April 2015.
In an op-ed today in a political newspaper circulated on Capitol Hill, Leigh Ann Pusey, president and CEO of the American Insurance Association, urged the House to act.
As the deadline for reauthorizing the federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Program approaches, American Insurance Association President and Chief Executive Officer Leigh Ann Pusey said the industry has become "more comfortable" with calling on Congress to pass a permanent extension of the program.
Now, they have retain the Durham Trophy and the Pusey Trophy for the best training provision and administration.
Pusey has more than 25 years of experience in medicine, international clinical trial management, CRO services, and global pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and clinical operations.
Leigh Pusey, the board's nurse immunisation coordinator, said the "uptake target" for these groups in 2012-13 will again be 75%.
A bidding war broke out for her Grade II*-listed, 16-bedroom, Pusey House, set in 650 acres of the idyllic Cotswolds.
Andrew Pusey, who was the first apprentice employed by Alfred at the garage back in the 1970s, added: "Alf was a very easy going man and he always made sure everything was running smoothly here.