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Noun1.Pygopus - type genus of the Pygopodidae; snake-shaped pleurodont lizard with no forelimbs and only rudimentary hind limbs
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
family Pygopodidae, Pygopodidae - Australian and Tasmanian lizards
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Here we report an instance of predation by the Eastern Small-eyed Snake on the Common Scaly-foot Pygopus lepidopodus (Pygopodidae) from Booderee National Park (Jervis Bay Territory).
These really unusual lizards are represented in Figure 18, pointing out their enlarged cephalic shields and the extreme reduction of their supraocular scales: only one in Aclys, Aprasia and Paradelma, two in Delma, Pygopus and Pletholax, where evident supraciliaries are shown.