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n.1.A pyramid.
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Act 5 consists of the entertainment held in honor of the marriages--a thoroughly inept performance of a play within the play, Pyramis and Thisbe, based on Ovid's quasi-tragic tale of thwarted lovers who both end up committing suicide when their attempt to escape unrelenting parents goes awry.
Creeden, with nearly 10 years of experience, was formerly at Pyramis Global Advisors.
Prior to joining Clearbrook, he was senior vice president at Pyramis Global Advisors, responsible for Taft-Hartley Business Development and Client Service.
Confidence has returned among institutional investors worldwide, according to a new survey by Pyramis Global Advisors.
The research went on to show that the pyramis is involved in generating freezing behaviour when central survival networks are activated during innate and learnt threatening situations.
Bustard, a University of Massachusetts at Amherst graduate, most recently served as Director of Sales for the Pyramis Global Advisors business unit.
Real Estate Investment Trust strategy of Pyramis Global Advisors, Smithfield, Rhode Island, ranked in the top quartile among REIT funds for the one and three years ended in June.
According to a 2010 survey by Pyramis Global Advisors, a large percentage of US corporate plans (66%) are favorably disposed toward the concept of LDI strategies.
Occupation: Vice president/head of investment operations at Pyramis Global Advisors
Pyramis and HeartCentrix improve patient care; maximize work flow; seamlessly integrate Burdick/ Quinton devices with EMR applications.
Her Rustics' Pyramis and Thisbe play-within-a-play was particularly funny.
In part 2, Stead resumes his satiric recasting of Latin verse to pillory a "Texan Caesar" over the invasion of Iraq, and there are some jokey updatings of Ovid (one turning into a telling parallel between Pyramis and Thisbe and the Palestinian conflict).