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1. A crystalline organic base, C4H4N2, having a six-member aromatic ring in which the first and fourth atoms are nitrogen and the rest are carbon.
2. Any of a group of compounds derived from or structurally related to this base. Pyrazines occur in pteridines, some vitamins, and certain dyes such as phenazine.

[German Pyrazin, blend of Pyridin, pyridine and az(o)-, azo-.]
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The flash detente process entails rapid heating of must, which blows off a small amount of steam that contains long-chain compounds such as pyrazines or smoke compounds.
In addition, some pyrazines appeared to be important to the nutty aroma of Parmigiano Reggiano.
Copper and iron ions can act as catalysts in the formation of compounds such as pyrazines and pyridines, which are precursors of heterocyclic compounds (Parihar, Vasundhara & Vijayayaghavan, 1981; Jagerstad, Skog, Arvidsson & Solyakov, 1998).
Main compounds of interest include, acids, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, lactones, esters, sulphur, phenols, benzene compounds, terpenes, alkanes, alkenes, thiols, thiol esters, pyrazines, furans, amines and others.
Pyrazines are also being added to e-cigarette fluids, his team wrote online June 10 in Tobacco Control.
However, beets contain substances as geosmin and pyrazines which are responsible for the off flavor (ground) in this culture (STINTZING & CARLE, 2004).
Hashim and Chaveron [7] and Cros and Jeanjean [8] have suggested that during the drying of fermented cocoa beans, reducing sugars participate in non-enzymatic browning reactions (Maillard reactions) to form volatile fractions of pyrazines.
The volatile collections from males and the synthetic pyrazines were analysed by a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry detector, according to Robledo and Arzuffi (2012).
Hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, furans, thriphenes, pyrrols, pyridines, pyrazines, oxazols, thiazols, sulfurous compounds (Figure 1), and many others have been identified as the flavour and aroma compounds found in meat (Ho et al.
Pyrazines as warning odour components in the Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus, and in the moths of the genera Zygaena and Amata (Lepidoptera).
Different modifications in lactose due to series of reactions result in brown pigmented products such as pyrazines and melanoidins, some polymerized molecules (lactuloselysine & fructoselysine) and small acid molecules are also formed during the Maillard reaction (Fox & McSweeney, 1998; Van Boekel, 1998).
Treatt offers over 300 speciality chemical top notes, including pyrazines, thiazoles and other sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen heterocyclic chemicals, manufactured by Endeavour Specialty Chemicals.