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n.1.(Chem.) A hypothetical radical, C5H4N, regarded as the essential residue of pyridine, and analogous to phenyl.
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A simple procedure for preparation of N-thiazol, thiadiazol, pyridyl and sulfanylamidocantharidinimines analogues and evaluation of their cytotoxicities against human HL-60, MCF7, Neuro-2a and A549 carcinoma cells.
It is a fenoxycarb derivative in which a part of the aliphatic chain replaced by pyridyl oxyethylene.
At low pH, the amine groups of the pyridyl rings will combine with protons to get ionized groups, which are more hydrophilic and then adsorb more water.
pioglitazone in that the pyridyl ring was substituted with a methyl
The synthesis of anilino (4a-h) and pyridyl amino derivatives (7a-c) was carried out by refluxing (8-10 h) the reactant 1 and para substituted anilines (2, X = NH) or 2-amino pyridines (6) in the presence of ethanol as solvent.
20] aryl groups, thienyl, furyl, and pyridyl groups; and R may optionally have attached thereto any of the following functional groups: [C.
The argument was whether the ethyl subsitution is the skills in the art, luckily, witness suggested that chlorination on Pyridyl ring is common but not methylation.
Both compounds include a ring of five carbons and one nitrogen, a pyridyl ring.