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Geometrically frustrated pyrochlore oxides containing a rare-earth ion and a transition metal ion form a network of corner-sharing tetrahedra.
Synthesis and structure of PMN-PT ceramic nanopowder free from pyrochlore phase", Ceramics International, 35(7): 2899-2905.
The pair examined a pyrochlore, erbium titanate [[Er.
Attributes/comments: Niobium Tin Pyrochlore (NTP) Yellow is a new class of Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment (CICP) under Pigment Yellow 227 that breaks that compromise with excellent durability, high opacity and bright clean yellow color.
The three main producers and converters of pyrochlore are expanding their capacity for ferroniobium and other downstream products and security of supply is highly unlikely to be an issue in the foreseeable future.
The energy spectra for a large number of NORM samples were measured, including: slate, cat litter, ice melt, roofing tiles, hay, coal, fertilizer, Australian zircon sand, diammonium phosphate (DAP), ISG Pye, CEMEX type FC, monocalcium phosphate (biofos), allanite, monazite, pyrochlore and zircon.
These properties are generally valid for materials with the same topology, that is for magnetic moments on the pyrochlore lattice.
2002), or even (in the case of the granite-derived Ormiston sediments) fresh grains of accessory Nb-minerals such as pyrochlore or columbitetantalite.
A Quebec mining company intends to extract industrial minerals from its recently-acquired pyrochlore property on the James Bay lowlands.
The Panel therefore recommends, among other things, that the UN Security Council immediately declare a temporary embargo on the import or export of coltan, niobium, pyrochlore, cassiterite, timber, gold and diamonds from or to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi until those countries involvement in the looting of Congo's resources is made clear and declared so by the Security Council.