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Noun1.Pyrrosia - epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial ferns of tropical Old World
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Polypodiaceae, Polypodiaceae - ferns: a large family that in some classification systems has been subdivided into several families (including Aspleniaceae and Blechnaceae and Davalliaceae and Dennstaedtiaceae and Dryopteridaceae and Oleandraceae and Pteridaceae)
Cyclophorus lingua, felt fern, Pyrrosia lingua, tongue fern - east Asian fern having fronds shaped like tongues; sometimes placed in genus Cyclophorus
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Likewise, Cheilanthes tenuifolia (saxicolous or terrestrial), Cheilanthes opposita, Lepisorus nudus, Pyrrosia lanceolata (terrestrial or epiphytic), and Asplenium lanceolatum (saxicolous or epiphytic) examined from different sites or habitats also had dual association of AM and DSE fungi.
Two previously unreported families include Davalliaceae and Dicksoniaceae, and three previously unreported genera include Davallia (Davalliaceae), Dicksonia (Dicksoniaceae), and Pyrrosia (Polypodiaceae).
The Pyrrosia species formerly referred to Drymoglossum and Saxiglossum.
Ferns cultivated in California: Phyllitis, Doodia, Pyrrosia, Llavea.
1992), 2n=50, 51, 75, 76,100,101, 102 and 103 in Lepisorus thunbergianus (Takamiya, 1996), n=36, 37 in Microsorium fortunei (Roy and Holttum, 1965; Mitui, 1973), 2n=72 (2x) in Phymatopteris crenatopinnata (Panigrahi and Patnaik, 1961), 2n=74 (2x) in Phymatosorus cuspidatus (Kato and Nakato, 1999), and 2n=72 (2x) in Pyrrosia lingua (Takei, 1969, 1983a).
Hainan Island and the Malaya pteridophyte flora have in common a total of 45 genera, accounting for 35% of all 130 genera of Hainan pteridophytes; the Indian pteridophyte flora has 49 genera in common, accounting for 38%; the Indo-China peninsula pteridophyte flora has 60 genera in common, accounting for 46%; and the East Asia pteridophyte flora has 56 genera in common, accounting for 43% (some genera are like Lepisorus, Colysis and Pyrrosia are distributed in several floras) (Yang et al.