Pyrus communis

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Noun1.Pyrus communis - Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruitPyrus communis - Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties
pear - sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties
genus Pyrus, Pyrus - fruit trees native to the Old World: pears
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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2008, Raitri, Sahiwal, Sargodha; 1 immature, Pyrus communis,
0 Table 6: Fruits available on the market for students Fruits Fruits (Scientific name) (Common name) Blackberries Rubus fruticosus Grape fruit Citrus paradise Tangerine Citrus reticulata Cantaloupe Cucumis melo Strawberries Fragaria ananassa Orange Citrus sinensis Apple Malus domestica Banana Musa acuminata Peach Prunus persica Pear Pyrus communis Apricot Prunus armeniaca Pine apple Ananas comosus Water melon Citrullus lanatus Mango Mangifera indica Pawpaw Carica papaya Guava Psidium guajava Grapes Vitis vinifera Lime/lemon Citrus aurantiifolia/ Citrus limon Passion fruit Passiflora edulis Fruits Participants' response (Common name) Available Blackberries [44.
Componentes fenolicos en variedades cultivadas de Pyrus communis L.
Oxley D, Bacic A (1999) Structure of the glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor of an arabinogalactan protein from Pyrus communis suspension-cultured cells.
Pear trees, known by the commercial names Swiss pear, European pear and pearwood, belong to the species Pyrus communis.
Las tres especies de la subfamilia Maloideae: Crataegus mexicana (tejocote), Pyrus communis (pera) y Pyrus malus (manzana), presentaron porosidad difusa y de las dos especies de la subfamilia Prunoideae: Prunus armeniaca (chabacano) presento porosidad anular y Prunus domestica (ciruela) presento porosidad semicircular.
Pyrus communis, the European pear, also known as a dessert pear.
Diurnal variations in tension, osmolarity and the composition of nitrogen and carbon assimilates in xylem fluid of Prunuspersica, Vitis hybrid and Pyrus communis.
According to Wikipedia, Easter Beurre is a cultivar of pyrus communis, the same species as Bartlett and most other pears grown commercially in the U.
Pearwood, Pyrus communis or common pear, of the Family Rosaceae is a Eurasian species that is cultivated in the United States and around the world for its fruit.
Among the larvae collected in the field from 2001 to 2004, 71% had Platanus acerifolia as host, while 13% were found in Pyrus communis L.