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Noun1.Pythius - epithet for Apollo; from the dragon Python which he killed
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Sandown is the other big meeting of this Saturday afternoon and Karl Burke's Pythius can build on his debut victory at Ayr earlier this month to land the feature, the Group Three 888sport Solario Stakes (2.
hic equidem Phoebo visus mihi pulchrior ipso marmoreus tacita carmen hiare lyra; deinde inter matrem deus ipse interque sororem Pythius in longa carmina veste sonat.
21 Likewise, the epithet Pythius, applied to the Apollo featuring in the final lines, though a common designation of the god, inevitably conjures up associations with the slaying of Python and his acquisition of the sanctuary at Delphi.
Both the descriptions of musical Apollo also contain references to the other, violent Apollo: the first hides an intertextual allusion to Callimachus Hymn 2 where the wailing of Niobe is referred to and the second applies the epithet Pythius to the god, which also refers to an Apolline act of killing.
The name change is significant, for in Cicero's De Officiis itself, Pythius of Syracuse was a moneylender who cheated a Roman to believe that a piece of land bordered the best site for fishing in the country; the man he cheated could do nothing, for the criminal code had no statutes forbidding fraud.
The other reference in this sentence is more puzzling; it evidently refers to Pythius of Priene, the Greek architect of the fourth-century B.