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Klondike, Knorr, Lever 2000, Lipton, Magnum, Motions, Nexxus, Noxzema, Pond's, Popsicle, Promise, Q-tips, Simple, St.
First they coated watercolour paper with red cabbage juice then wrote on it with Q-tips dipped in either vinegar, baking soda, water or hydrogen peroxide, thus creating different coloured writing.
When the kids found out just before we left that we were going to clean a cave with Q-tips, they were not thrilled," says Steve Frye, who attended the Lehman Caves lint camp in March with his teenage sons.
My brands include Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Hellmann's, Vaseline, Brylcreem, Close Up, Tresemme, Ben & Jerry's, Omo, Surf, Good Humor, Klondike, Q-tips, Popsicle and Slim-Fast.
The jars are modern and sophisticated, and can be reused for q-tips, cotton balls, make-up pads, or your little one's socks.
Born in Luton in 1956, Young was formerly the front man of short-lived bands Kat Kool & The Kool Cats, Streetband and Q-Tips, before his solo success turned him into a 1980s teen idol.
She told the BBC that Jacob was able to create maps all over our floor using Q-tips, asserting that they would be maps of places they visited and he would memorize every street.
With Q-tips and saline in hand, I went back out to the kennel, swabbed his eye and flooded it with the saline.
seller of thimbles, bubble wrap, q-tips, toilet paper, anything
They conducted urethral pressure profilometry, the Q-tips test, a cystometrogram, Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantification, and a vaginal closure force test for each of the 335 participants.
Everything: Q-Tips, the stickers on store-bought apples, lightbulbs, coffee cups even a computer.
Career: In 1979, his group Streetband split up and Paul went on to form Q-Tips.