QR code

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QR code

A square grid of smaller black and white squares containing encoded data that is designed to be optically scanned, as to provide information about a product or service.

[q(uick) r(esponse) code.]

QR Code

(Electronics) trademark a type of bar code that can be read both horizontally and vertically, allowing large amounts of information to be encoded in it
[C20: Q(uick) R(esponse)]
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He encouraged more to embrace the technology, which can be used with any Emirates ID card, e-gate card or a QR barcode generated via the GDRFA smartphone app.
Smart gates do not require a dedicated card and can identify a traveller by either their passport, Emirates ID, e-gate card or a QR barcode generated via the GDRFA smartphone app.
According to a GDRFA official, registered travellers need only spend eight to 12 seconds to clear the immigration process and can use either a passport, Emirates ID, Smart Gate card or even a QR barcode via the GDRFA DUBAI smartphone app.
For instance, the QR barcode from a ScriptPro system is printed directly on the prescription label instead of on the prescription paperwork, in case the patient misplaces or throws away the paperwork received when the script is dispensed.
The designed scheme introduced in Section 3 is efficient, practical and fits the requirements for steganographic QR barcode.
Kato and Tan proposed the special point of the QR barcode image transformation, but had no detailed description of specific method [8].
That app, Filmmakers Guide to Location Filming, includes a directory of vendors who supply production tools and services, as well as links to sites that provide information such as sunrise and sunset times, tidal movements and a QR barcode scanner.
The Aston University graduate is the founder of QR barcode firm QRKy Ltd.
Recipients of Eyejot vCards receive a QR barcode to the sender's complete contact information as well as a link to a Google map of where contact was made.
Visitors can either type in the website address found on illustrative signs at the locations, or scan the QR barcode to be taken to the site automatically.
According to Wikipedia, a QR or Quick Response code is "a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones.
11 flip book and a rendering of journalist Amy Goodmanin QR barcode (the next generation of ISDN).