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queen's rook (chess)


abbreviation for
(Military) Queen's Regulations


symbol for
(Chess & Draughts) queen's rook


pl. qrs.
1. quarter.
2. quire.
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As the patient's serum potassium returned to normal, his heart rate slowed, P waves became more visible, QRS complexes narrowed, and the repolarization changes of hyperkalemia disappeared (Figure 3).
Because ventricular pacing can change the morphology and polarity of QRS and T waves and, thus, affect the frontal QRS-T angle, we excluded patients with a permanent pacemaker, including cardiac resynchronization therapy.
It is characterized by a progressive slowing of successive SA node-originated impulses in the AV node (progressive prolongation of the PR interval) until one impulse is not conducted at all (no QRS following the P-wave) (Sauer, 2013).
Over the course of the past month QRS has released three new devices, the Orbit[TM] Portable Spirometer, Opti[TM] 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Q200/HE[TM] combination Holter and Event Digital Recorder, expanding their Cardio-Pulmonology Suite.
Many require that a minimum tax return still be filed by the REIT, QRS, or both;
QT interval (QTmax), heart rate corrected QT interval (QTc), mean QT interval (QTm), QRS duration (QRS), T wave duration (T0e), Tpeak-Tend interval (Tpe) and T wave amplitude (Tampl) were manually measured in all 12 ECG leads.
11 seconds; (3) wide QRS complex duration is equal to or greater than 0.