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In-line with QSM Scheme guidelines, we operate a comprehensive and stringent 'batch coding' system which means all of our meat is fully traceable back to the farm".
For more than 20 years, QSM has been researching software productivity and quality, including 10 years in the Agile environment.
Former principal nurse of Hutt Hospital until her retirement in 1987, Vera Ellen, received a QSM for services to the community.
We isolated the quasimodo gene in a genetic screen for novel timing genes, and found that the amount of QSM protein drastically increased in response to light.
The 15,220 tonne MV QSM Dubai was captured by pirates while it was travelling inside of the internationally recommended transit corridor.
We advocate the supply chain partnerships that will deliver a double guarantee--a guarantee that farmers will get a fair price for their pigs and a guarantee that retailers will secure the supply of QSM pork and pork products they and consumers want.
John P Mellor OBE, QSM, Chairman, City of Wolverhampton United Ex-Service Council
A recipient is entitled to use the letters QSM after their name.
Butcher Brindon Addy said: "We've found the QSM Spring Specials POS kit very effective in our shop.
With a gross weight of 48,000 pounds, the machine comes with a Cummins QSM 11 construction diesel engine delivering 350 hp.
A woman of great faith, she has been deeply involved in the Anglican Church, Arohata Prison, special education and was awarded the QSM in 1998.
If this was granted, it was highly likely that the red meat Bpex and Eblex Quality Standard Marks would be replaced by either the tractor in its current form, or a variation incorporating some of the QSM elements, said AHDB.