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An extinct Old South Arabian language spoken in what is now southwest Yemen.

[From Arabic Qatabān, ancient kingdom of southwest Yemen, from Qatabanian qtbn.]
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The Infinitive in Sabaean and Qatabanian Inscriptions.
2) Proto-Amorite (yielding Aramaic, which in turn develops into the Arabic sub-branch, including Safaitic, Lihyanic, Thamudian, and Classical and modern Arabic dialects) and [Proto-] South Semitic (developing into the Old South Arabian languages, such as Sabaean, Minean, and Qatabanian, in addition to Ethiopic), and (3) Akkadian.
202); the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser was not assassinated as stated on page 269, he died a natural death; Qatabanian is not a Sabaean language (p.
The name m Amm is well known as that of the Qatabanian lunar god.