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 (kä′tər, KHŭt′ər, kə-tär′)
A country of eastern Arabia on a peninsula in the southwest Persian Gulf. A traditional monarchy, it was a British protectorate from 1916 until 1971, when it became independent. Oil was first produced commercially in 1949, and its production still dominates Qatar's economy. Doha is the capital and the largest city.

Qa·tar′i adj. & n.


(kæˈtɑːrɪ) or


1. (Placename) of or relating to Qatar or its inhabitants
2. (Peoples) of or relating to Qatar or its inhabitants
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Qatar
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Noun1.Qatari - a native or inhabitant of Qatar
Katar, Qatar, State of Katar, State of Qatar - an Arab country on the peninsula of Qatar; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1971; the economy is dominated by oil
Arab, Arabian - a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa
Adj.1.Qatari - of or concerning Qatar or its inhabitants; "the Qatari ruling family"; "Qatari oil wells"
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Commercial Bank has announced a range of generous rates on loans only for Qatari nationals in celebration of Qatar National Day and a free gift voucher worth QR2,000 with each loan for the first 40 customers.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Qatari Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Ali Jannati called for the broadening of mutual cooperation between the two countries.
Military sources said Qatari forces were on their way to Yemen and preparing to join a new push on Houthi positions in the capital Sanaa -- though they told Reuters the soldiers had not yet entered the Arabian Peninsula country.
Manama, June 27 (BNA): His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa today sent a cable of congratulations to the Qatari Amir Shaikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani on his Accession Anniversary.
The MN Leadership programme was specifically designed at the request of Qatari nurses and created in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).
His Eminence's words came during a meeting in Doha, Qatar, with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Abdallah Ben Nasser Al Thani, during which the pair discussed the special relation between the two countries, as well as strengthening cooperation in religious, social and charity fields.
KUWAIT, Dec 20 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Saturday sent a cable to Qatari Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to congratulate him on the success of Saudi King's initiative for improving the Qatari-Egyptian relationship.
Muscat: A development agreement for the Ras Al Hadd tourism project is to be signed on Wednesday between the Omani Government and Qatari Diar Ras Al-Hadd Development Company SAOC.
3 (ONA) A development agreement for the Ras Al Hadd Tourism Project will be signed after tomorrow / Wednesday / between the Omani Government and Qatari Diar Ras Al Hadd Development Company SAOC.
TUNIS (TAP) - National Defence Minister Ghazi Jribi and Qatari opposite number General-Major Hamad Ben Ali Al-Attia looked, Tuesday, at means to establish a Tunisian-Qatari partnership in the military industry field.
Qatar Development Bank (QDB) declared that joint meetings between Qatari exporters and Moroccan importers in Morocco held previous month, have resulted in the signing of 3 commercial contracts totalling QR100m for exporting Qatari plastic, irrigation and other products.
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