Qatari riyal

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Noun1.Qatari riyal - the basic unit of money in Qatar
Qatari monetary unit - monetary unit in Qatar
dirham, Qatari dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar
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Passport confiscation, a widely used practice in the Gulf, will continue to be banned, with fines on employers who are found to confiscate passports increasing from 10,000 to 50,000 Qatari Rials, the report added.
Rising from 14,000 Qatari Rials (US$ 3,845) per month, a two-bedroom apartment on The Pearl tops the rental table, but
3 million Qatari rials but the company did show a "not-so-bad-but-not-good-either" improvement this year, after it reporting a loss of 27.