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or Qa·dha·fi or Kha·da·fy  (kə-dä′fē) or Gad·da·fi (gə-), Muammar al- or el- 1942-2011.
Libyan political leader who seized power in a military coup d'état against the Libyan monarchy (1969) and imposed socialist policies and Islamic orthodoxy on the country. He was deposed and killed in a popular uprising (2011).
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Noun1.Qadhafi - Libyan leader who seized power in a military coup d'etat in 1969; deposed the Libyan monarchy and imposed socialism and Islamic orthodoxy on the country (born in 1942)
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He added that, despite what the the Al Qathafi forces did to the country's cities and villages, "our brothers who fought against the rebels as Al Qathafi's army did, we are ready to forgive them.
However, despite thinking Libya was the best country in the world, I knew there was one problem about it: Al Qathafi - the evil Shaytan (devil) that lived there.
A team from the International Criminal Court, ICC, is in Libya to probe sexual crimes committed by loyalists of the former Libyan dictator, Muammar Al Qathafi during the conflict that ended his 42-year reign in the North African country.
The demonstrators, aligned to Libya's National Transitional Council staged the protest to demand a government investigation into the deaths of several fighters from the local militia last week during the failed attempt to arrest three pro-Al Qathafi loyalists in Bani Walid.
I started to write during the Al Qathafi era; it was an attempt to achieve one goal, to bring enlightenment to my people.
It is safe to say that the new Libya will not have a drastically different upstream oil and gas policy than the one pursued by the Al Qathafi regime.
He also participated in the economic and political corruption schemes that characterised the Al Qathafi era and controlled most of the dealings of Libya between September 1, 1969 and until October 2011.
But on March 1 Libya's membership was suspended after the regime of Colonel Muammar Al Qathafi began its deadly crackdown against protests that were part of the wider Arab Spring that has engulfed North Africa and the Middle East this year.
To a colourful group of Americans - the Washington terrorism expert, the veteran CIA officer, the Republican operative, the Kansas City lawyer - the Libyan gambit last March looked like a rare business opportunity, is how The New York Times introduced am interesting report, entitled: Group in US Hoped for Big Payday in Offer to Help Al Qathafi.
Libya's largest oil operation with ties to foreign companies, is now under a new chairman, Ahmed Ammar who replaced former head, Bashir Elashahab, who allegedly had ties to the regime of former Libyan dictator Muammar Al Qathafi.
Former Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi broke his promise and misled former British Prime Minister Tony Blair by keeping chemical weapons hidden from the rest of the world.
Reaffirming his stance on the former Libyan leader's son Saadi Al Qathafi, Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufouis told reporters he is standing by his country's decision to offer him amnesty, saying he is entitled to stay in his nation like other "Libyan refugees.