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also Kaz·vin  (kăz-vēn′)
A city of northwest Iran northwest of Tehran. Founded in the third century ad, it was captured by the Arabs in 644 and was the capital of Persia from 1548 to 1598.


or Kaz•vin


a city in NW Iran, NW of Teheran: capital of Persia in the 16th century. 298,705.
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In order to complete the mega project of the North-South Corridor, three railroad segments connecting the northwestern city of Qazvin to the border city of Astara should be constructed inside Iran.
Iran's ice climbing team comprises Hosseini from Isfahan, Taqi Khani from Qazvin and coach Mehdi Pahnavar from Ardebil in the competitions attended by 80 athletes from 10 countries.
The quake was also felt in the provinces of Qom, Gilanm, Qazvin and Markazi.
A long-term reserve solar energy reactor was recently unveiled in the presence of Qazvin governor general in Science and Technology Park of Qazvin.
Another missing link is a route from Qazvin to Rasht.
The possibility of Triton X-100 use as an indole reservoir to prevent inhibition of TSase by indole and Qazvin cane molasses as a cheap L-Ser substitution for cost-effective L-Trp production was investigated.
The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has thanked the city of Qazvin for inspiring solidarity and exchange between nations, cities and citizens.
18 August 2016 - 11:43 South African investors willing to make investment in Iran: Ambassador The ambassador made the remarks in a meeting with Governor General of Qazvin province Fereydoun Hemmati.
Tehran / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Public Relations officer of the Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, announced the explosion of a truck carrying military ammunition on the highway between the cities of Zanjan and Qazvin (west of Iran), stressing that the explosion caused no casualties.
The plan for transiting 10 million tons of goods per year from the Persian Gulf to Russia and the Black Sea, as well as to Europe, will be realized after launching the Rasht-Astara railway and connecting Qazvin to Astara through that railway.
Authorities said there may be more casualties in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz and Qazvin.
According to the Cultural and artistic differences, common and different religions, different techniques and decorations and sometimes shared characteristics between Seljuk and Safavid Periods, in this study, we are going to compare arrays and patterns of religious monuments in the city of Qazvin in this period.