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also Kaz·vin  (kăz-vēn′)
A city of northwest Iran northwest of Tehran. Founded in the third century ad, it was captured by the Arabs in 644 and was the capital of Persia from 1548 to 1598.


or Kaz•vin


a city in NW Iran, NW of Teheran: capital of Persia in the 16th century. 298,705.
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He fled to Persia and found a secluded fortress high up in the mountain of Qazwin.
The youngest source that I have been able to identify is the biographical dictionary al-Tadwin fi akhbar Qazwin by 'Abd al-Karim b.
57) seems exaggerated; he adduces no evidence for this assumption, and adds immediately thereafter that among the little that is known about 'Abd al-Jabbar's life after 385/955 is "that he continued to teach and write in Rayy, Isfahan and Qazwin.