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n. pl. qi·paos

[Mandarin qípáo, loose gown worn by Manchu women during the Qing Dynasty, cheongsam : , banner, any of the eight administrative units into which the mostly Manchu ruling class of the Qing Dynasty was organized (from Middle Chinese gı̷i, from Old Chinese *gəi) + páo, long gown, robe (from Middle Chinese pɦuaw, from Old Chinese *bû).]
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A Qi Pao rental called Yan Shang Kee caught the eyes of the ladies.
Men and women wear traditional dress u Qi Pao for ladies and Tang Zhuang for men u while visiting the grandparents.
Under the direction of costume and production designer and Academy award winner Tim Yip, 23, international Mac make-up artists painted versions of the traditional Qi Pao dress (also known as the cheongsam) on live nude models at the Shanghai Doulun Museum of Modern Art, topped off with unique headpieces by UK milliner Stephen Jones.