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 (gwē′jō′, gwā′-) also Kwei·chow (kwā′chō′)
A province of southwest China. Guiyang is the capital.


(ˈɡweɪˈdʒəʊ) ,




(Placename) a province of SW China, between the Yangtze and Xi Rivers: a high plateau. Capital: Guiyang. Pop: 38 700 000 (2003 est). Area: 174 000 sq km (69 278 sq miles)



1. Also, Kweichow. a province in S China. 34,580,000; 67,181 sq. mi. (173,999 sq. km).Cap.: Guiyang.
2. former name of Fengjie.
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Earlier on Thursday, Lebanese UNESCO director-general candidate, Vera El-Khoury, announced her withdrawal from the race in favor of the Egyptian candidate, granting her four votes in addition to five votes garnered by Chinese candidate Qian Tang after announcing his withdrawal in favor of Khattab as well.
The order by which the brain reacts to, or encodes, information about the outside world is very well understood," said Ning Qian, a neuroscientist and a principal investigator at Columbia's Mortimer B.
Director General and Chinese candidate for the position of the next Director General of UNESCO Qian Tang on Tuesday said that China wants UNESCO to be useful platform for achievement of global peace and sustainable development.
In part 1, Nanxiu Qian provides a detailed discussion of the cultural milieu of late Qing Fujian province, a southern coastal region where Xue grew up.
prospective proposers are requested to make every effort to attend this only scheduled pre-submittal meeting and to confirm their attendance by contacting shirley qian, planner, at 510-874-7491, prior to the date of the pre-submittal meeting.
Qian presents readers with the second edition of his comprehensive guide to the use of R in the study of statistics generated in contemporary environmental and ecological studies.
Wenhao Qian, managing director of Greenland UK, the company behind the tower, said: "This important launch reflects the confidence that Greenland Group continues to have in both the London economy and the London property market.
The project advisor is Zhiyun Qian, an assistant professor of computer science at UCR, whose research focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities to help software companies improve their systems.
Summary: Chinese expatriate Qian says living in the UAE has widened her cultural awareness and taught her about Ramadan customs
Guau Zheng, (1) Yang Zhijun, (2) Qian Wenhua, (1) and He Min (1)
NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO BE DISSOLVED FROM THE REGISTER OF COMPANIES (a) COIS ABHAINN DOYNE MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED, have never traded, having its registered office at 1 Chapterhouse, Friars Mill Road, Mullingar, Co Westmeath and its principal place of business at 1 Chapterhouse, Friars Mill Road, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, and (b) QIAN ZHANG LIMITED, had ceased to trade, having its registered office at Beechmount House, Langton Cross, Newbridge, Co.
VX) has announced the appointment of Eugene Qian as china country head and president, UBS Group China, and Di He as chairman of the board of UBS Securities Company Limited, the firm's domestic securities arm in China.