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also Ch'in  (chĭn)
A Chinese dynasty (221-206 bc) that established the first centralized imperial government in China. Much of the Great Wall of China was built during the rule of this dynasty.

[Mandarin Qín, name of an ancient Chinese state (originally the name of a fief located in what is now Gansu province, from which the state grew), Qin dynasty, from Middle Chinese tsɦin.]


a Chinese stringed instrument related to the zither



n., v. chinned, chin•ning. n.
1. the lower extremity of the face, below the mouth.
2. the prominence of the lower jaw.
3. to grasp an overhead bar and pull (oneself) upward until the chin is above or level with the bar: done as an exercise.
4. to raise or hold to the chin, as a violin.
5. Slang. to chatter.
1. keep one's chin up, to maintain one's courage and optimism during a period of adversity.
2. take it on the chin, Informal.
a. to be defeated thoroughly.
b. to endure punishment stoically.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English cin(n), c. Old Saxon kinni, Old High German chinni, Old Norse kinn, Gothic kinnus cheek; akin to Latin gena, Greek génus chin, gnáthos jaw, Skt hánus jaw]
chin′less, adj.


or Qin


a dynasty in ancient China, 221–206 B.C., marked by the emergence of a unified empire and the construction of much of the Great Wall of China.


or Chin,

1. China.
2. Chinese.
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Noun1.Qin - the Chinese dynasty (from 246 BC to 206 BC) that established the first centralized imperial government and built much of the Great Wall
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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