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 (chĭng′dou′) also Tsing·tao (tsĭng′tou′)
A city of northeastern China on the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula. It was leased in 1898 to the Germans, who established a famed brewery.


(ˈtʃɪŋˈdaʊ) ,




(Placename) a port in E China, in E Shandong province on Jiazhou Bay, developed as a naval base and fort in 1891. Shandong university (1926). Pop: 2 431 000 (2005 est)


or Tsing•tao


a seaport in E Shandong province, in E China, on the Yellow Sea. 2,060,000.
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As DBS China s first branch in the Shandong province, the Qingdao branch will offer a variety of corporate banking services for Shandong clients, together with deposit facilities, loans, trade financing, cash management and treasury market services.
The Lalu Qingdao aims to become the dream destination for travelers around the world," said Mr.
With IHG's support, Wanda Group will build, equip and commission a new 200 bed international standard hospital in Qingdao over the next three years.
For more about Qingdao Tianyang Machinery puzzle machines and dies, steel rule dies and custom dies, visit www.
Chinaas central government has tasked Qingdao Free Trade Zone with implementing the so-called Silk Road Strategy a investing overseas, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the statement.
Upon its establishment, it is expected that Qingdao Skytech will further promote the Group's export tax software and related services, carbon management solutions and e-Government solutions to Shandong Province.
PBIT CEO Mohammad Ilyas Ghauri and Vice Director of Qingdao Bureau of Commerce Chunyu Xianli signed the MoU, when a Qingdao Municipal Government delegation led by Liu Mingjun, Vice Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government visit the Punjab capital, said the Boards spokesman.
Liu Mingjun, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government led a business delegation comprising business in ports, infrastructure, mechanical processing and environmental protection companies to Pakistan.
A Salt Lake Tribune editorial comments, "That the guts of Geneva's mill could go to Qingdao Iron and Steel may be the most potent symbol in Utah of China's rise as an industrial power.
The joint venture has been agreed on with Qingdao Construction Group Corp.
As part of its previously announced Integration Program and based on an analysis of the recent performance and projections of Qingdao, the Company has agreed to divest Qingdao back to its previous owners and eliminate the related earnout liability of $4.
Project Outcome: Increased readiness for investment in distributed energy project in rural Qingdao