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 (chĭn′hwäng′dou′) also Chin·wang·tao (-wäng′tou′)
A city of northeast China on the Bohai Sea east of Beijing. It was formerly a treaty port.


or Chin•huang•tao


a seaport in NE Hebei province, in NE China, on the Bohai. 364,972.
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Even more ships are waiting to unload coal in China, where between 400 and 500 large dry-bulk carriers are waiting outside Shanghai/Ningbo and in the Gulf of Zhili, serving the ports of Tianjin, Coafeidian, Qinhuangdao and Bayuquan.
The 34-year-old Biado will have little time to celebrate his triumph and the holidays as he's set to compete at the World Chinese 8-ball Masters in Qinhuangdao, China from Jan.
Through an extensive network of service centers strategically positioned primarily at major coal-trade ports in China, including Tianjin, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Huanghua (Cangzhou), Nanjing, Xiangtan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Jiangyin, the Company offers a comprehensive suite of testing and inspection services to customers in the coal industry and other domestic industrial sectors, which includes (1) testing services, (2) surveying services and (3) witnessing and ancillary services.
The mall is adjacent to the airport and is accessible through the cities of Beijing and Qinhuangdao via buses, expressways and high-speed railways.
Freight rates for shipping coal from northern China's Qinhuangdao port to the other Chinese ports of Zhangjiagang, Shanghai and Guangzhou in eastern and southern China eased in the week to Tuesday.
However, when a local reporter went to the streets of Qinhuangdao in the country's northern Hebei province check in on how the test was going, they found the TEB was (http://tech.
Le concept a ete expose sur la place publique en mai dernier ; et tres recemment dans la ville de Qinhuangdao, au nord de la Chine, on a procede au tout premier test public de ce nouveau moyen de transport aux allures de remede radical contre les embouteillages, dans une nation surpeuplee.
Meanwhile, coal prices recovered, with coal shipped to Qinhuangdao Port up 50 yuan/mt ($7.
A prototype will reportedly be deployed on the streets of Qinhuangdao, a coastal city about 300km east of Beijing, this summer.
Bay scallop farms are distributed widely throughout the Bohai and Yellow Seas, located in seven geographic regions: off the coasts of Qinhuangdao (S-q), Jiaonan (S-n) and Penglai (S-p), and within Dalian (S-d), Laizhou (S-l), Sungo (S-s) and Jiaozhou Bay (S-j) (Fig.
That would be higher than Qinhuangdao port prices of 485 yuan and benchmark Newcastle prices of around $67.