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n.1.(Bot.) Formerly, a genus of plants including the cypress vine (Quamoclit vulgaris, now called Ipomœa Quamoclit). The genus is now merged in Ipomœa.
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For example bougainvillea and clerodendrum splendens are heavy climbers, while quamoclit pinnata is a light climber.
It was observed that only one plant--Ipomoea quamoclit was used for exclusive treatment of common cold in goats.
A somewhat similar annual climber, though not of the same family, is Cardinal Climber, Quamoclit sloteri.
If you like the idea of an annual climber but are not so fond of sweet peas, Mr Fothergills has an unusual relative of the morning glory, Ipomea quamoclit 'pennata Mixed', with star-shaped flowers of pink, red and white with bright green climbing foliage.