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a.1.Estimable according to quantity; quantitative.
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An investigation of reasonable accommodations for people with psychiatric disabilities: Quantitive findings from a multi-site study.
The indices of drought are quantitive measures that characterizes the level of tolerance to environmental stress by using assimilation data [10].
The Company notes the quantitive assesment prepared by a previous operator in 1998 which referred to exploration potential of the Sidi Moktar licences of up to 9 Tcf unrisked GOIP (gross) in the TAGI and Paleozoic.
Mr Carney also announced a new round of quantitive easing - printing money - by buying up PS60billion of Government bonds and PS10billion of corporate bonds.
Neurocognitive deficits in cocaine users: a quantitive review of the evidence.
Metabolomics is regarded as a useful tool for revealing the cerebral metabolic profiling as the advantage of comprehensive and quantitive analysis of global metabolites.
In the next part we will give the quantitive evaluation criteria.
Cognitive rehabilitation in schizophrenia: a quantitive analysis of controlled studies.
Use of quantitive metallography in the evaluation of hydrogen action during martensitic transformations, Materials Science and Engineering A 237-275: 485-490.
The distribution of pollution and environmental justice in Puerto Rico: a quantitive analysis.