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Noun1.Quaoar - a planetoid discovered in 2002
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And now instead of just nine planets, we have eight planets and scores of other worlds out beyond Pluto - Makemake, Quaoar, Sedna and Varuna, to name a few.
New Horizons recently observed the Kuiper Belt object Quaoar (Kwa-war), which at 690 miles or 1,100 kilometers in diameter is roughly half the size of Pluto.
In order of their discovery, they are Pluto, Quaoar, 2002 MS4, Sedna, Orcus, Salacia, Haumea, Eris, Makemake, and 2007 OR10.
Information about a possible occultation of a magnitude 15 star by TNO (50000) Quaoar over Europe and North Africa on 2012 Feb 17 was distributed through the BAA and TA networks, but unfortunately weather conditions prevented a successful monitoring of this event from the UK (and elsewhere).
The dwarf planet Quaoar (kwa-war) and its satellite Weywot present some unusual features.
There is, however, one other dwarf planet that's both red and covered with water ice: Quaoar, which Brown helped discover in 2002.
Slightly smaller than Snow White, Quaoar is still big enough to have had an atmosphere and a surface covered with volcanoes that spewed an icy slush, which then froze solid as it flowed over the surface.
Quaoar was discovered in 2002; its diameter almost half the size of Pluto's and its orbit was more planetary (p.
Several other large KBOs have been discovered recently, including Quaoar (2002 LM60) and Orcus (2004 DW).
This is not to include their previous finding, Quaoar (42 AU), which has orbit distance more or less near Pluto (39.