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(Naut.) a balcony on the quarter of a ship. See Gallery, 4.

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Australian photographer Robert van Koesveld's exhibition at the Empty Quarter Gallery at DIFC Gate Village draws on his five-years of photographing and interacting with Kyoto's enigmatic geiko and maiko, who are often mistakenly referred to as 'geisha'.
He has owned four fine art galleries, and is a past President of the French Quarter Gallery Association in Charleston, SC.
Their handmade luxury jewellery and timepieces are now available in Dubai starting after a very successful and well-attended launch at the Empty Quarter Gallery at the Dubai International Financial Centre.
The title which means humble request or prayer, was held at the Empty Quarter gallery in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and showcased the first solo exhibition of Swedish photographer Katarina Premfors.
Grosvenor has arranged for each concession, and the exhibition in the Home Quarter Gallery, to collect their stock.
Makkah in 1885 "Last November, the Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai held an exhibition of the historical photographs of the Makkah in 1885 published by Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje in 1889 as 'Bilder aus Mekka' courtesy of Leiden University and a Dutch publisher.
This exhibition, held in Dubai from 14 September to 17 October at The Empty Quarter gallery, brought together a unique collection of vintage and modern prints by famed international photographers, whose life stories are intrinsically tied to 20th century high fashion.
Through photographs and other documentary materials, "Tools of Her Ministry" painted a portrait of Morgan as anything but an outsider isolate--she showed and performed regularly at a French Quarter gallery, collaborated on books with local poet Rod McKuen, and recorded fourteen gospel and original free-form musical compositions.
The show has been organised by The Empty Quarter gallery in association with Alliance Francaise Dubai and Aramex.
The event also marked the opening of The Empty Quarter Gallery.
Kamaci's works in photography are displayed at The Empty Quarter gallery at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai.