Quarter look

a side glance.

See also: Quarter

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If opponents had not jumped on this plan, how different would our majestic Cultural Quarter look today?
Too many buildings around that quarter look shabby and dilapidated so well done to Dr Hussain for the improvements he is making.
For more information on properties and schemes at The Quarter look up www.
The installation of the ceiling of light on Mathew Street is the first stage in making the Cavern Quarter look attractive to visitors and potential investors, as well as having a positive impact on its night-time economy.
Although the emerging market equity fund flows during the past quarter look good compared to first-quarter ae09, they are well short of the $30 billion these funds took in during the fourth quarter of 2009," said EPFR Global senior analyst Cameron Brandt.
It added that forward bookings for the fourth quarter look encouraging.
That could make the quarter look better when performances are compared.
Ferrero's absence will make the second quarter look particularly weak, with seventh seed Rainer Schuttler the top-ranked player.
Henry's biggest stumbling-blocks in the fourth quarter look to be Matthew Stevens and Ronnie O'Sullivan, but the Scot has a chance of upsetting Stevens in his opener and could go well against the Rocket should they meet.