Quarter square

(Math.) the fourth part of the square of a number. Tables of quarter squares have been devised to save labor in multiplying numbers.

See also: Quarter

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They'd occupy a quarter square mile in water between 165 and 225 feet deep, and they'd generate as much as 1.
The event is taking place in Cafe Quarter Square, Lower High Street, from 6pm tonight.
Its scalable plants will be built in 46 MW unit solutions, each of which requires one quarter square mile of land.
Later in the war, large numbers of allied prisoners were held in Changi -- 11,700 crammed into an area less than a quarter square kilometer.
Crews from seven stations of Staffordshire Fire Brigade won a hard fight yesterday to prevent flames from a bracken fire on Bracton Common, Cannock Chase, reaching the Forestry Commission plantations covering five and a quarter square miles.
The best-known quarter square is probably that in Borgmann's Language on Vacation.
I found almost 500 quarter squares, and these account for an estimated 29% of all ten-squares, despite tautonyms being a mere 0.
Wagner's average count of 10 larvae per quarter square meter translates to an estimated 160,000 larvae per acre; he has observed as many as 40 larvae per quarter square meter.
Summary of 1997 Acquisitions Quarter Square Feet Number of Investment (in millions) Properties (in millions) First Quarter 1997 4.
Summary of 1997 Developments Placed in Service Quarter Square Feet Number of Investment Properties (in millions) First Quarter 1997 537,952 3 $17.
Summary of First Industrial's 1996 Acquisitions Number of Investment Quarter Square Feet Properties (in millions) 1st Quarter 1996 5,089,000 43 $114 2nd Quarter 1996 876,000 11 $29 3rd Quarter 1996 1,614,000 8 $37 4th Quarter 1996 2,776,000 50 $74 Total 1996 Acquisitions 10,355,000 112 $254