Quartermaster sergeant

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During this time, the NCO ranks consisted of sergeant major, quartermaster sergeant, first sergeant, sergeant, and corporal.
Regiment al Quartermaster Sergeant Paul McCarthy, 39, of Bootle, Liverpool, saidhe was the first generation of his family to be born in England, not Ireland.
It pictures the marriage of his uncle, Ernest Charles Altree, a quartermaster Sergeant, 2nd Indian Cavalry Supply Column, and Gina Morley, a member of the office staff at the Daimler works.
On furlough with family and friends in Doune were sailor J Mills, Quartermaster Sergeant R McLeod and Privates Dryburgh, John McAlpine, R McLeod, James Gordon and D McKenzie of the Canadian Camerons who was from Drumvaich.
Company Quartermaster Sergeant David Murphy wished his family a very happy Christmas and had this special message to his son Signalman Stephen Murphy: "I would like to wish my son who is currently serving with UNDOF [UN Disengagement Observer Force in Syria] a very happy and safe Christmas.
As BS stated, after the war Europe and Japan were broke, the Americans sent business genius Edward Deming to sort out the Japanese auto industry while a British quartermaster sergeant, whose name escapes me, was given the task of sorting out VW.
Regimental quartermaster sergeant Jason, 40, left the Army in April after a tour of duty in Afghanistan to help wife Naomi with the care of son Mason, three, who has cerebral palsy and is registered blind.
Ex-company quartermaster sergeant Allan Peet, 46, made an estimated pounds 5,000 selling specialist military boots, rucksacks and rations using auction website eBay.
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Dave Skelton, from Skelton, says: "We provide everything from bombs and bullets, through fuel and lubricants, food and water to toilet rolls.
A Company Sergeant Major, a Quartermaster Sergeant, a Veterinary Sergeant, eight signallers and a medical orderly were added to Company Headquarters.
In 1939 he quickly rallied to the Colours, and his ability brought him rapid promotion to regimental quartermaster sergeant (RQMS) of the Regina Rifles.
Scots Guard Quartermaster Sergeant Wayne Carter was found hanging by a computer lead in the toilet of the First Battalion HQ in St James's Park, central London, on the day he had been due to start his leave.