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 (kvād′-lən-bûrk′, kfād′-)
A city of east-central Germany southwest of Magdeburg. It was a seat of Holy Roman Emperors and a center of ecclesiastical learning beginning in the 10th century.
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by Zaki LadiGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) gives a speech during an election campaign rally in Quedlinburg, Germany, August 26, 2017.
Imagine a gingerbread world of timber-framed houses and cobbled streets, of cosy hotels with gabled roofs and pixie-hat towers, and you're beginning to get a picture of the towns of Wernigerode, Goslar and Quedlinburg in Germany's Harz Mountains.
Chancellor Angela Merkel stood up to rowdy protestors who tried to drown out her campaign speech with deafening jeers and whistles in the eastern town of Quedlinburg on Saturday, telling them that their angry shouts would not solve Germany's problems.
All-inclusives include an eight-day Heart of Germany trip to Wernigerode, Quedlinburg, Goslar and the pretty Harz Mountains, and an eight-day Czech Charms tour of the historic region of Bohemia, which takes in Unesco world heritage site Cesky Krumlov plus Tabor, Pisek and Pilsen, home of the famous Pilsner beer.
This is precisely the order in which the noun "land" (terra) and the adjective "Slavic" (Sclauinica) are combined in the text of a charter that Emperor Otto III granted in 985 for the benefit of Abbess Mathilda of Quedlinburg (Sickel 403) (12).
Catechesis in the Later Middle Ages I: The Exposition of the Lord's Prayer of Jordan of Quedlinburg, OESA (d.
Services of a tour representative 8 or 15 days from PS559 Berlin, Potsdam & the Harz Mountains Flying Direct from Manchester Departs Jun 19, Jul 31 & Aug 7 The scenery of the Harz Mountains, the medieval history amid the halftimbered houses of Goslar and Quedlinburg, the 'iron curtain' history of East Germany and Berlin, and the stunning new capital city that is emerging
Departs Feb 26, Mar 5 & 19 November 2014 8 or 15 days from PS749 The Harz Mountains, Berlin & Potsdam from Bristol This trip is a fascinating mixture of big city and modern history in Berlin, imperial capitals in Goslar and Potsdam, medieval towns in Quedlinburg and Wittenberg and wonderful scenery in the Harz mountains.
Literacy and Nuns: Finding and Interpreting the Evidence" includes five essays, three relating to Europe and two to England: "Reading Women at the Margins of Quedlinburg Codex 74," by Helene Scheck; "Making History at Fontevraud: Abbess Petronilla de Chemille and Practical Literacy," by Bruce L.
Now this beautiful city, first mentioned over 1000 years ago in a medieval manuscript, the Quedlinburg Chronicle, has grown in stature.
of Quedlinburg, at the entrance to the romantic gorge of the Bode, and in the immediate vicinity of the Rosstrappe, the Hexentanzplatz and other notable points in the Harz.