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 (kwēns′lənd, -lănd′)
A state of northeast Australia on the Coral Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Originally part of the colony of New South Wales, it became a separate state in 1859. Brisbane is the capital and largest city.


(ˈkwiːnzˌlænd; -lənd)
(Placename) a state of NE Australia: fringed on the Pacific side by the Great Barrier Reef; the Great Dividing Range lies in the east, separating the coastal lowlands from the dry Great Artesian Basin in the south. Capital: Brisbane. Pop: 5 027 889 (2012 est). Area: 1 727 500 sq km (667 000 sq miles)


(ˈkwinzˌlænd, -lənd)

a state in NE Australia. 3,277,000; 670,500 sq. mi. (1,736,595 sq. km). Cap.: Brisbane.
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Noun1.Queensland - a state in northeastern AustraliaQueensland - a state in northeastern Australia  
Australia, Commonwealth of Australia - a nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent; Aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago; first Europeans were British convicts sent there as a penal colony
Brisbane - capital and largest city of Queensland state; located in the southeastern corner of Queensland on the Pacific; settled by British as a penal colony; 3rd largest city in Australia
Cape York Peninsula - a peninsula in Queensland in northeastern Australia between the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Coral Sea
Moreton Bay - an arm of the Tasman Sea forming a bay to the east of Brisbane
Mount Bartle Frere - the highest mountain peak in Queensland, Australia
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Queensland you stop jail six months two fella time.
A Queensland legislator of the name of Craggs--the Hon.
It was the picture at last; up to this point I had kept him to Queensland and the making of his pile.
Why, this one's worth all the pictures in Colony o' Queensland put together.
Let us hope our friend from Queensland will do as he said, and not open his map-case till he gets back there.
and shows that the words really telegraphed by Reuter's agent were "Governor Queensland TURNS FIRST SOD," alluding to the Maryborough-Gympic Railway in course of construction.
I installed the mill myself, with the help of several mechanics I brought up from Queensland.
And, without telling you the scrape I got into at Taki- Tiki, except that I sailed away with two hundred kinky-heads for Queensland labour, and for my manner of collecting them had two British ships of war combing the Pacific for me, I changed my course and ran to the westward thinking to dispose of the lot to the Spanish plantations on Bangar.
Since the schooner Fair Hathaway, recruiting labour for the Queensland plantations, had been captured by the natives and all hands slain fifteen years before, no vessel, with the exception of the Arangi, had dared to venture into Su'u.
While I was busy arguing and persuading the woolly-headed cannibals to come and labor on the Queensland plantations Otoo kept watch.
He had scored off an African millionaire, the Players, a Queensland Legislator, the Camorra, the late Lord Ernest Belville, and again and again off Scotland Yard.
Australia will be home to Boeings largest autonomous systems development program outside of the United States following a new partnership agreement with the Queensland Government.

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