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 (kĭ-moi′) In Pinyin Jin·men (jĭn′mĕn′)
A group of 2 islands and 12 islets off southeast China in Taiwan Strait. The islands are heavily fortified and have been administered, along with Matsu, by Taiwan since 1949.


(Placename) an island in Formosa Strait, off the SE coast of China: administratively part of Taiwan. Pop (with associated islets): 80 000 (latest est). Area: 130 sq km (50 sq miles)



an island off the SE coast of China, in the Taiwan Strait: administered by Taiwan. 61,305; 50 sq. mi. (130 sq. km).
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14) As NSC staffer Robert Komer wrote in a memo to Bundy concerning the representation issue and the defense of Quemoy and Matsu, "most Free World countries will no longer support us on these issues.
The decade ended with the PRC in possession of all the disputed islands except Quemoy (Kinmen), Matsu (Mazu), the Pescadores (Penghus), and of course Taiwan.
Although others have written on the importance of the U-2 aircraft in dispelling the "bomber gap" and "missile gap" between the US and Soviet military, Brugioni goes even further, exploring the use of imagery analysis to support US policy during crises and conflicts in the Suez, Hungary, Lebanon, Tibet, the Quemoy and Matsu Islands, Belgian Congo, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Israel.
Kinmen, also known as Quemoy, was formerly a military base but has since transformed into a tourist spot amid increasing exchanges between Taiwan and China, as has Matsu, another Taiwanese-controlled island group off the coast of Fujian.
Kien-hong YU is a professor at National Quemoy University, Taiwan.
During the first Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1954, China began shelling the offshore islands Quemoy and Matsu, threatening to "liberate" Taiwan.
During that retreat, the Nationalists fortified Quemoy and Matsu.
Kinmen, formerly known as Quemoy, is the home of two of the 11 Taiwan ports now authorized to receive goods and passengers directly from China.
China actually had conquered the minor offshore island of Tachen in 1955 and bombarded Quemoy in 1955 and 1958 in conjunction with its Taiwan policy during the early years.
Officials on the outlying islets of Quemoy, also known as Kinmen, want to remove anti-ship landing barricades before Aug.
What John F Kennedy, then a Democrat senator and Richard Nixon, the Republican vice-president, talked about in 1960 including an obscure discussion of Quemoy and Matsu, two tiny islands in the straits of Taiwan - has been mostly forgotten.