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A recorderlike Andean flute having a notched mouthpiece.

[Aymara qina.]


(Instruments) an Andean flute
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peru, Paralichthys woolmani, Cyclopsetta querna, Trichiurus lepturus, Centropomus robalito, Micropogonias altipinnis and Cynoscion phoxocephalus, which represented 25 % of the biomass.
Our OnMetal cloud servers were created to provide our customers with a solution that can deliver the agility of a multi-tenant public cloud while keeping the simplicity, consistent performance, and predictable cost of single-tenant servers, said Paul Querna, director of corporate strategy and development at Rackspace.
2008), la autopresentacion de los y las adolescentes (Stern, 2004), la comparacion social y la expresion de aspectos idealizados del si mismo que se querna ser (Manago & al.
Simular es representar una cosa fingiendo o imitando lo que se querna que fuera o el engano en que se querna que alguien cayera.
Betsy Querna, The Big Pill Pitch: Drug Companies Are Marketing Directly to Patients.
6 Querna,on the southern tip of Iraq, is where the river Euphrates and Tigris meet and Adam's tree is said to mark the Garden of Eden.