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(Bot.) See Quillaia bark.

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In its ongoing quest for more natural ingredients capable of answering the needs of sensitive and delicate skin, Naturex has set up a highly sustainable supply chain for Quillaja saponaria, the raw material used for this 100% natural and standardized extract.
Effects of Yucca schidigera and Quillaja saponaria extracts on in vitro ruminal fermentation and methane emission.
Derived from the Quillaja saponaria, Molina tree and extracted by a natural process, Q-NATURALE emulsifier can emulsify non-weighted oil systems--a solution for a wide range of applications, especially clear beverages and waters.
19) reported the use of commercial saponin from Quillaja saponaria bark as a natural larvicidal against Aedes aegypti and Culex pipens.
Forests were composed mainly of Cryptocarya alba, Peumus boldus, Lithraea caustica, Schinus latifolius, and Quillaja saponaria that mostly covered ravines and lowest sites on south-facing slopes.
The patent claims cover chemically modified saponin products derived from the Quillaja saponaria tree, a common tree native to South America, and the use of such modified derivatives for enhancing mucosal and transdermal uptake of biologically active pharmaceutical agents.
Derived from the bark of the South American tree Quillaja saponaria, this drug promotes the formation of disease-specific antibodies, helping the body to fight pathogens.