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n.1.(Chem.) A green crystalline substance formed by the union of quinone with hydroquinone, or as an intermediate product in the oxidation of hydroquinone or the reduction of quinone.
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The free radical inhibitor is an organic antioxidant such as a quinhydrone.
5 soil-water suspensions using quinhydrone electrode) (ii) Salmon Gums * 22 sites, 58 samples survey * 43 samples relevant to upper 1 m of soil, 5 (Burvill 1988) samples relevant to 1-2 m depth, 8 samples relevant to 2-3 m depth, 6 samples relevant to 3-4 m depth, 4 samples relevant to >4 m depth * Annual average rainfall: 354mm (Salmon Gums Research Station) * Ranges of critical soil parameters (10th- 90th percentiles; all depths): [EC.
The solid was collected on a filter paper and was thoroughly washed with hot water to remove unreacted quinone and side product quinhydrone.