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A synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic, C18H20FN3O4, of the fluoroquinolone class.



n levofloxacino, levofloxacina
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Composing poems and collating anecdotes and personal memories (such as Quixin zashi and Qidong Yeyu) became appropriate emotional outlets for Zhou Mi while battling with the disturbances brought by Byan-sprin 1Can-skya, who in 1278 destroyed the Song imperial tombs.
Further, Lotrel and Quixin produced results consistent with expectations.
PDI began detailing QUIXIN to pediatricians in April 2001.
In 5-day clinical trials, QUIXIN demonstrated microbial eradication rates in pediatric patients that were greater than those achieved with Ocuflox(R) (ofloxacin ophthalmic solution) 0.
QUIXIN is the second product to be introduced in the U.
The company anticipates the launch of QUIXIN in the U.