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See Qom.


(Placename) a variant of Qom


or Qum


a city in NW Iran, SW of Teheran. 780,453.
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Noun1.Qum - a city in northwestern Iran; a place of pilgrimage for Shiite Muslims
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Persia - a theocratic Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil
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In a statement to the press on Wednesday in Qum City, Abdullahian, condemned the foreign meddling in the affairs of the countries of the region, particularly in Syria's affairs, saying that Syria is facing an international coalition of more than 70 political systems which represent the peak of hypocrisy and duplicity.
Students Justice, Students of the Islamic World, Independent Union of Islamic Student Groups, The Office for Implementation of Unity, Islamic Society of Students, The International Union of the Unified Ummah, Group of Seminary Students of the Islamic Awakening, Institute for the representatives of the Islamic seminary students of Qum, Institute for Religious Dialogue.
But American and European diplomats have said the US and its European allies will demand that Iran immediately dismantle the new Fordo uranium-enrichment facility buried deep under a mountain near Qum, halt all production of uranium fuel enriched to 20 percent purity, which is considered just a few technical steps from weapons-grade purity, and ship stockpiles of that fuel out of the country.
US: A stealth surveillance drone operated by the CIA penetrated deep inside Iran over three years ago, snapped images of Iran s secret nuclear facility at Qum and returned home, The Washington Post reported late Saturday.
Of particular interest is the Sharjah-based Isfahan Carpet Exhibition that presents a new 10-year old 4x6-metre pure silk Qum carpet of dome design worth Dh280,000.
Mumtaz Ahmad, President International Islamic University (IIU) Islamabad, in Qum expressed solidarity with the brotherly people of Pakistan in the face of international pressures that they are facing today.
Concurrently, Iran was taking steps to move its most sensitive nuclear fuel production to a heavily defended underground military facility outside the holy city of Qum.
With the establishment of the Shii'a Safvid dynasty in Iran in the sixteenth century, there grew up a number of Twelve Shii'a seats of higher learning, the most prominent of which is at present in Qum, Iran.
Another Latin translator is the Franciscan Germain (Germanus) of Silesia, named the Apostolic Prefect of the Mission to Grand Tartary, and who stayed in Isfahan, Qum and Mashhad around the mid-seventeenth century.
1992), but he left after the 1991 uprising against Saddam Hussein for Iran where he studied with a number of prominent Qum leaders, foremost Sheikh Mustafa al-Harandi who features prominently in this book as the proponent of a new, individual-based concept of government.
Amano called on Iran to fully cooperate with international inspectors and come clean on several outstanding matters, noting that Tehran has yet to comply with Security Council demands on suspending uranium enrichment by contiuing operation in one facility, building another near Qum and building a new reactor.